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Use supported technology and knowledge base help articles to ensure a positive experience in D2L and Panopto. The Academic Technologies Group is available to support instructors Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM, except holidays and dates OCC is closed. Use your OCC username and password to log into D2L or * Panopto.


Login. If you are a GGC student, staff, or faculty member, click the green "GGC Login" button below. GGC Login. Do you need help to access your GGC account? Need Help? Visit the GGC Help Desk or call 678-407-5611 for technical assistance. For additional and after-hours support, contact the D2L Help Center.


Central Authentication Services. This is a University of Central Oklahoma computer system. UCO computer systems are provided for the processing of Official university information only. All data contained on UCO computer systems is owned by the University of Central Oklahoma, and may be monitored, intercepted, recorded, read, copied, or captured ...


D2L. D2L is now setup with CAS. Links to SFA Resources. Help with myPassword Find your mySFA username or Campus ID Contact the Help Desk Help with Duo This is an official Stephen F. Austin State University computer system. As a State of Texas Institution of Higher Education, unauthorized use is prohibited, usage may be subject to security ...


IT Help Center: 24/7 Online Help (610) 683-1511 Stratton Admin 201 M-F: 7am - 4:30pm Academic Forum 204 M-Th: 7am - 9pm F: 7am - 5pm RESNet Help Center:


Sign in to your account. Sign in. Email, phone, or Skype. Can’t access your account? Unauthorized access or activity of this system is a violation of Accenture Policies and may be a violation of law. Unauthorized use may result in reprimand, …


Login - Pima Community College. Welcome to Desire2Learn at Pima Community College. College Vision. PCC will be a premier community college committed to providing educational pathways that ensure student success and enhance the academic, economic and cultural vitality of our students and diverse community. Can be found here: ( College Mission)


To login, select the option that corresponds with your account type. Enter your username and password on the next screen. For D2L login information, 24x7 support, and ...