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Loopia AB / Websupport. Kopparbergsvägen 8 722 13 Västerås Sweden. Powered by LiveAgent ...


LOOPIA_TTL: The TTL of the TXT record used for the DNS challenge: The environment variable names can be suffixed by _FILE to reference a file instead of a value. More information here. API user. You can generate a new API user from your account page. It needs to have the following permissions: addZoneRecord;


Loopia Group is a leading European web services and hosting business with its largest operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia. READ MORE ABOUT US. Our brands. LOOPIA was founded in Sweden in 1999 and is the market leader in Sweden, registering a third of all .SE domains. Loopia has a strong position ...


How to use the Loopia Plugin¶ This plugin works against the Loopia DNS provider. It presumes that you have already set up an account and registered or transferred the domain(s) you are targeting. You will also need to be subscribed to their Advanced DNS product. Setup¶ From the customer zone, click API user and then Create API User.


Join us in our mission to help our customers succeed online! Loopia Group is a website and web-solutions provider offering hosting services, domain registrations and other web services to small and medium sized businesses and consumers. We’re on an exciting growth journey towards becoming Europe’s greatest domain and hosting provider and we continuously look for […]


Dec 08, 2020 · loopia-api-dyndns. A script to dynamically update the IPv4/IPv6 DNS records for domain names registered with Loopia. Used as a replacement for the Loopia DynDNS tools, which do not support IPv6. Expected to execute on the computer which the domain name should point to. Features. Uses Loopia API to replicate DDNS functionality. Uses minimal API ...


Loopia was founded in 1998 and over the years it has provided web hosting customers with affordable Linux and Windows hosting packages with great. US$ ... When you sign up with Loopia, you’ll also receive Free Google AdWords vouchers to kick-start your online advertisements. Not many hosting services offer such a service.


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