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Welcome to mySugr, the diabetes management app made for people with diabetes by people with diabetes. Together, we make diabetes suck less! Learn more. Download the mySugr app now! Explore mySugr App Features. Personalised Logging Screen. Organize the app the way it suits you best. Remove or add fields depending on your therapy needs.

Get mySugr Pro for free. 1. 1 Accu-Chek users must register at least one blood sugar test per 30 days with their connected meter in order to retain free status in the mySugr PRO app. Void where prohibited by law. provides SSL-encrypted connection. ADULT CONTENT INDICATORS Availability or unavailability of the flaggable/dangerous content on this website has not been fully explored by us, so you should rely on the following indicators with caution.

Upgraded to mySugr PRO app. Unlimited test strips, shipped based on your usage (imported blood sugar measurements into the app) Read more about the contents of the bundle. $49.00. Each month. Each month •. US only. Free shipping. 3 Month Commitment Required.

The mySugr diabetes app is your loyal and free diabetes logbook, which keeps your diabetes data under control. With one app you'll have: • Easy and personalized dashboard (diet, meds, carb intake, blood glucose levels and more). • Insulin/Bolus calculator with precise insulin dose recommendations (Limited to some countries using mySugr PRO).

San Jose, CA -- mySugr, an app/management platform for diabetics, has expanded their offering by integrating A&D Medical's Bluetooth blood pressure monitor and weight scale with their system. Because 2 of every 3 people with diabetes also have hypertension -- and 90% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese -- regularly monitoring ...

mySugr is a mobile health startup which allows us to explore several interlinked trends. One trend is the proliferation of health related applications, and an understanding of factors which seem ...