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- подписаться, выписать to sign up for a set of reference volumes — подписаться на комплект справочников - подписать (кого-л. на что-л.) to sign a customer up — записать клиента (на покупку чего-л.); оформить заказ клиенту Словосочетания to sign up for another hitch — подписать контракт на следующий срок службы

Sign up. intransitive verb to sign one's name (as to a contract) in order to obtain, do, or join something Example: sign up for insurance Example: sign up for classes • sign-up noun or adjective. Энциклопедический словарь Мерриама-Вебстера

Sign up is a verb phrase. It means to enroll or register for something. One might sign up for intramural sports, a parent-teacher conference slot, or health insurance. Here are a few examples, “If you sign up for soccer, you cannot do track,” declared Cindy’s mother. “Let’s sign up for marriage counseling!” suggested Barbara.

sign up. a vi + adv (=be recruited) (as employee) firmar un contrato. (=register) registrarse, (Sport) [player] fichar ( with, for por) , (Mil) alistarse. to sign up for a course inscribirse en un curso. b vt + adv. [+employee] contratar, (Sport) [+player] fichar, contratar, (Mil) [+soldier] reclutar.

2. To register someone or something by or as if by signing one's name; enlist someone or something: I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons. The telemarketer signed up another four customers. 3. To hire or engage someone by obtaining a signature on a contract: The producer is signing up actors for a touring play.

sign-up (sīn′ up′), USA pronunciation. n. an act or instance of signing up. Also, sign′up′. noun, nominal use of verb, verbal phrase sign up 1945–50. 'sign-up' also found in these entries (note: …

sign on , up. 1 contract with, enlist, enrol, join, join up, register, volunteer. 2 employ, engage, hire, put on the payroll, recruit, take into service, take on, take on board (informal) English Collins …

How to sign up Click the blue Register for AutoPay box above. You'll need to sign in with your customer information. If you haven't created an online account yet, you can click Account Registration on the left sidebar. On the top bar, click Payment, then Auto Pay. Enter the payment information you want to use for automatic payments.

sign up verb [ phrasal ] / ˈsaɪn ˈʌp/ to state that you will do sth or join sth inscribirse apuntarse I signed up for summer school. Me apunté a la escuela de verano. Sign up to give blood. …

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